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Astronomy Space
Chemistry Plants & Ecology
Weather Biology/Zoology
Animals, Aquatic Life


  • Science Message Board
  • Amethyst Galleries' Mineral Gallery
  • Family Explorer: Home Page

  • Franklin Institute's Spotlights ~ Variety of science topics. Each Spotlight story incorporates outside Web resources into a conceptual package that may be useful in a science classroom or just fun to explore at home.

  • Nye Labs Online ~ Yes, as in Bill Nye the Science Guy
  • Demo of the Day from Bill Nye, the Science Guy
  • Newton's Apple ~ award-winning national science program for kids and adults. Pick a lesson from the teachers' guides developed for seasons 9 through 14. They are designed to accompany the television show and are also a rich stand-alone resource.
  • The Magic School Bus Fun Place
  • The Discovery Channel

  • Popular Science ~ science section of the online 'zine

  • TOPScience ~ We publish nearly 800 science and math lessons using simple, cheap materials. Sample a free TOPS experiment. Order our free science magazine.
  • Tips for Teachers is regular feature of National Science & Technology Week to enlighten children and adults about the importance of science and engineering through hands-on learning activities and events
  • Family Explorer Science and Nature Activities Home Page

  • Carolina Biological Supply Company - products, publications, tips, and catalogs. Carolina Tips Online is a newsletter featuring in-depth articles and how-to tips for classroom teachers. Each issue also includes book reviews, columns from Carolina's various departments, and info on new teaching materials. publications, and Catalogs feature thousands of products for science and math teaching for every grade level, elementary through college. Major sections include: New Products, Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, Physics, Mathematics, Publications, Multimedia, Apparatus and Supplies and K-8 Science.

  • Holden's Hands-on Science
  • Mad Scientist Network - a collective crania of scientists from around the world fielding questions in different areas of science. Online question form, search the site, MAD Scientist Library, archive of all submitted questions and answers. Staffed by graduate and medical students at Washington University in St. Louis, MO, more than 400 scientists at institutions around the world have joined to answer science questions. This site is one aspect of the student-run Young Scientist Program, which aims to help K-12 students understand and appreciate the wonders of science.
  • Science Classroom
  • Natural Life Forum Interactive learning environment which supports the intermediate science curriculum. Free demo
  • Exploratorium - Online Science Museum - Learning Studio. Online exhibits like Cow's Eye Dissection; Digital Library

  • UWF-SH Curriculum Project

  • The Why Files
  • Local Times Around the World
  • Earthquake Information ~ near-real-time earthquake bulletin shows the precise time, location, and magnitude of the most recent twenty earthquakes in the world; clickable map shows location of an earthquake's epicenter displayed on a world map at varying resolutions; from National Earthquake Information Service (NEIS) of the U. S. Geological Survey
  • The Electronic Volcano ~ ties together a wide variety of volcano-related Internet resources, including maps of active volcanoes, photo and radar images of volcanoes and eruptions, articles on active volcanoes, journal articles and abstracts
  • VolcanoWorld ~ "ask a volcanologist," data on and satellite photos of recent eruptions, images of volcanoes, and lesson plan ideas

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  • North American Skies ~ Astroclass Home Page
  • ASTRONOMY Magazine ~ web version of this hard copy Magazine, updated every week with astronomy news
  • Sky & Telescope Magazine ~ magazine for the more technically advanced reader, but the Home Page is written so that anyone can understand it
  • The Nine Planets ~ excellent introduction to the solar system (covering much more than just the nine major planets)
  • Sky Online ~ home of Sky & Telescope, CCD Astronomy, SkyWatch '97, and the Sky Publishing Catalog of astronomy books, star atlases, software
  • AstroNet ~ listing of many Astronomy Clubs and other related organizations on-line
  • Willmann-Bell, Inc ~ one of the world's largest publishers and booksellers of Astronomically Oriented Literature.
  • Comet Hale-Bopp has a high intrinsic brightness, though it didn't come as close to earth as Hyakutake did
  • Amateur telescope FAQ
  • Amateur telescope FAQ ~ same as above, different web site layout
  • Journal of a fourteen year old star/moon gazer
  • Telescopes - educational site that discusses good & bad telescopes
  • ASTROMART ~ used telescopes and equipment
  • Que tal in the Current Skies ~ KCMSD Planetarium starwalk

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BIOLOGY ~ Animals, Aquatic Life


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  • Alchemy by Merlin ~ 8 week, non-math, introductory course which teaches the concepts and vocabulary of chemistry on the Internet for $60. Allows students with a 7th grade reading level to learn university level Chemistry
  • Alchemy News ~ Chemistry topics like "Merlin explains the Martian Fossils"


  • National Data Buoy Center (NDBC) ~ an agency of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NDBC places buoys in the worlds' oceans which measure and transmit meteorological and oceanographic data. NDBC has "Science Education" pages to teach kids specifics about the weather and the marine environment.

  • The Daily Planet ~ electronic textbook of multimedia instructional modules designed around different topics in meteorology, such as pressure, wind, and clouds. Pointers to up-to-date climate data, satellite images, surface maps, more.

  • Latest Weather New England weather/sat updates
  • The Chicago Tribune: Tornadoes
  • Hot Tornado page links
  • Storm Chaser Homepage

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