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P = Piano arrangement: $4.50 (Melody, Words, Full piano part, Chord Names)
L = Lead sheet: $ 2.50  (Melody, Words, Chord Names only)

M = mp3 music file $0.99 (by download only)
 * = included in "Home to My Heart Songbook" 

    Ain't Life Grand! (Solo) -  P or L  
    Bring the Harvest Home (Solo) - P or L   
    Calorie Blues (Solo) - L   
    Celebrate the Men (Group song: Father's Day) - L  
    Deo: Dancing Back to God (Solo) - L *   
    Everydays for Everyman (Solo) - L  
    God is Good (Group song) -  P or L  
    Goin' Home (Meditation Solo) -  P or L  
    Gonna Build a Church (Group song) -  P or L  
    Greatest Gift (Group song) -  P or  
    Guest House (Solo)(#LSM-002) - L -
  • Guest House - recorded live, for learning mp3 (#LMP-1) - M -
    Hear the Angels Sing (Meditation Solo) -  P or L  
    He Was a Little One (Christmas: SSA Trio or Choir) - P or L  
    Home At Last (Group song) -  P or L  
    I Am Healing (Group song)(#LSM-006) - L  
  • I Am Healing (Group song)(#LSM-014) -
    I Will Carry You (SSA chant)(#LSM-007) - L  
  Lactation Blues (Solo w/SSA backup)(#LSM-012) - L  
    Lap of the Divine (Group chant) - L   
    Lazy Days of Summer (Instrumental: 2 Flutes w/Pno or Guit) - P  
    Love is the Answer (Solo) - P or L   
    Love Lets You Be (Solo) - P or L  
    My Butterfly (Solo) - L  
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    My Sisters (SSA Chorus)(#LSM-005) -  
    Oh... Life's a Grin (Group song) -  P or L  
    Oh, Oh, God (Solo) -  P or L  
    O What a Bountiful Life (Group song) - L  
    On a Mountainside (Instrumental: Flute, Violin, w/Pno) - L  
    The Power of One (Solo + 2 parts backing vocals)(#LSM-003) - L  
    Praise to the Lord (Choral) - P  

Shining Eyes (Solo) -  P or L

    Silently, Peacefully (Christmas Solo) -  P or L  
    (If I Could) Sit Across the Porch (Solo) -  P or L  
    Some Children (Solo) -  P or L  
    Spirit's Journey (Group song) -  P or L  
    Ta-Da! and Celebrate (SAB Trio or Choir) -  P or L  
    To the Never-Ending Sea (Instrumental: Flute, Violin (or Flute), w/Piano) - P  
    We Are All Friends Here (Group song)(#LSM-001) - L -  
    We've Got a Vision (Solo or Choral w/solo) -  P or L  
    What I Am Is What I Am (Solo) - L (scan of handwritten lead sheet)   
    With Great Love  (SSA Chorus) (#LSM-004) - L (chorus parts)    
  • With Great Love (SSA Chorus)(#LSM-014) - P (w/pno acc)  
    Work Is Done (chant/round for hospice use) (#LSM-013) - L  
    You're Okay (Solo) -  P or L  
CHORAL Pieces:
    I Will Carry You (SSA chant)(#LSM-007) - L  
  Lactation Blues (Solo w/SSA backup)(#LSM-012) - L  

My Sisters (SSA Chorus)(#LSM-005) - L 

    The Power of One (Solo + 2 parts backup)(#LSM-003) - L-  
    Praise to the Lord (Choral) - P  
    Ta-Da! and Celebrate (SAB Trio or Choir) -  P or L  
    We've Got a Vision (Choral w/solo) -  P or L  
    With Great Love  (SSA Chorus) (#LSM-004) - L (chorus parts)    
  • With Great Love (SSA Chorus)(#LSM-404) - P (w/pno acc)
  • With Great Love (mp3, performed by Womansong)(#LMP-2)- A
    Work Is Done (chant/round for hospice use) (#LSM-013) - L  
INSTRUMENTAL Compositions: (note separate pricing)
    All the Little Birdies - classical style (lyric Soprano & Flute, accompanied by Piano) (Sop & Flute are notated; piano must be improvised from chord symbols)...(#LSM-008) $5.00    
    And the Lovers Danced One More Time - classical style duet, unaccompanied. A musical flirtation for Cello and Violin (or Flute) - (#LSM-011) $5.00   
    Dialogue for Two Flutes - easy, unaccompanied, short "musical conversation" between Flute and Alto Flute (#LSM-009) $5.00   :
    Las Montagnas del Norte - "the mountains of the North" - classical with a flowing, Latin feel (Soprano & Violin, with chords for Piano or Guitar)... the soprano sings no words, over a wide range: low G to high C. (#LSM-010) $5.00.   
    The Lazy Days of Summer - peace and simplicity... (2 Flutes with Piano and/or Guitar)... $5.00  
    On A Mountainside - jazz style (Flute, Violin, Bass, Drums, Piano and/or Guitar) Lead sheet: $3.00  
    To the Never-Ending Sea - peaceful... (Flute & Violin or 2nd Flute, Piano, with Guitar chords... $5.00  
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Sheet Music Total:  
  Home To My Heart Songbook  (full piano arrangement + a lead sheet for each song): 12 songs marked    above: $15  
  Gentle Songs (lead sheets: melody, words, chord names): 19 songs for group singing: $5  
  Growing Your Church Music Program (book): $10  - OUT OF PRINT  


Home To My Heart  -  Cassette:$10    or      CD:$15
  (or you can instantly download mp3 tracks from )
  Altar of Love (on cassette only: $10) - OUT OF PRINT  
  Inspirations (on cassette only:$10)  
Shipping & Handling:  CDs and/or Songbooks: $5 per ORDER (not per item) (gives you free shipping on individual sheet music)  
Songbook & CD Total:  
Total of all Products:  



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